The fit on your Liz Lira dance shoes needs to be just right in order to give you the proper support you need when dancing. It is advised to measure your foot using our sizing guide rather than relying on your regular street shoe size or your size in another dance shoe brand.

Please refer to the sizing chart below in order to get your perfect fit. Liz Lira dance shoes fit approximately one to two sizes larger than street shoes, so size down! The satin material will have a small amount of stretch over time, and the shoe should fit snug on your foot for proper support.


What if my feet are wide or narrow?

If you have wider feet, we would advise choosing our knot or open toe shoe styles. Our t-strap and strappy styles are best for narrower feet.

What heel height should i choose?

It depends! If you are brand new to dancing, we advise choosing our lowest heel height (2.5”) to start while you build strength in your ankle. If you are an advanced dancer and have strong ankles, you may choose our 4” heel. For most dancers, 3.3” is the perfect height.